Track Mt. Gox BTC Wallets – Mt. Gox Selloff

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Mt. Gox Selloff

The image below shows what happened to BTC price every time a Mt. Gox wallet transferred BTC to an exchange.


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How To Track Mt. Gox BTC Wallets

The button below will take you to the page that tracks Mt. Gox BTC wallets.  When one of these wallets transfers BTC, be ready for another Bitcoin selloff.

Mt. Gox BTC Crash Over?

Mt. Gox owed creditors $391 million but the sold BTC from the chart above adds up to $405 million.  Does this mean the Mt. Gox selloff is over?  Use the Mt. Gox BTC wallet tracker to be the first to know if Mt. Gox is moving more Bitcoin to an exchange.

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