Most Profitable Hashflare Cloud Mining Contracts 2018

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Hashflare Mining Contracts:  Most Profitable To Least Profitable

Hashflare offers many different cloud mining contracts including Sha256, Scrypt, Ethash, and Equihash. I wanted to find out which one of these contracts is the most profitable.  For these profitability calculations, I used the closest to $1,000 of hash power without going under $1,000 for each cloud mining contract offered on Hashflare with BTC at $11,285 on January 22, 2018.   The profitability calculations will vary with the price of the coin being mined and difficulty adjustments, but as of the time I took the calculations, this is what I found to be the most profitable cloud mining contracts at Hashflare.

Hashflare Ethash (ETH) Mining Contracts

Based on current market conditions Hashflare Ethash cloud mining contracts mining ETH are the most profitable.  $1,012 gets you 46 MH/s of Ethash mining power.  This amount of hash power at current conditions makes around $5.19/day, $155.73/month with a break even of 194.95 days.


Hashflare SHA256 (BTC) Mining Contracts

Hashflare SHA256 contracts mining BTC comes in as the second most profitable cloud mining contract at current market conditions.  $1,012 gets you 4.6 TH/s of SHA256 mining power.  After subtracting the maintenance fee for SHA256 contracts, this amount of hash power earns about $4.28/day, $128.32/month, with a break even of 236.6 days.


Hashflare Equihash (ZEC) Mining Contracts

Coming in at number three is Hashflare’s Equihash mining contracts mining ZEC.  $1,000 of Equihash mining power gets you 500 H/s on Hashflare.  Based on current market conditions, 500 H/s mining ZEC makes around $3.80/day, $113.93/month, with a break even of 263.32 days.


Hashflare Scrypt (LTC) Mining Contracts

Hashflare Scrypt contracts switch to most profitable coin so earnings should be higher than listed.  These calculations are solely based on mining LTC.  $1,050 will get you 140 MH/s of Scrypt mining power.  Based on current market conditions and subtracting the maintenance fee, 140 MH/s mining only LTC makes around $2.99/day, $89.75/month, with a break even of 350.97 days.


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