Cryptocurrency Trading

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Follow my Crypto chart trading analysis on the charts I use to trade crypto, Including BTC, ETH, LTC, and more.

CME BTC Futures Open & Fall

CME Bitcoin Futures Pullback

The CME BTC futures have opened and pulled back down to the price of BTC on exchanges.  Now that regular trading hours have started, where will BTC go?


BTC Time Analysis Pointing To Drop

Scary BTC Chart Time Indicators Setting Up

BTC chart time indicators on the daily, weekly, and monthly charts are all on 9 which usually means it is time for a turnaround, in this case a sell off. Will BTC drop?

How Low Will BTC GO?

BTC Price Dropping

Is this a Bitcoin Crash?  BTC price is dropping but how low will it go?  I give my BTC chart analysis.

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