Crypto Mining

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Cryptocurrency mining is the surest way to earn crypto coins.  Crypto mining hardware is needed to mine each mineable coin.  Every mineable crypto currency has a specific algorithm used to mine the coin from cpu, gpu, ASIC, or cloud mining power.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is buying crypto hashing power from a cloud mining farm.  Cloud mining farms are huge warehouses full of crypto mining hardware that sell or rent out the hashing power of their machines.  Cloud mining is the easiest way to start mining crypto currencies, but is pricier then buying your own mining hardware and has a longer ROI.  The upside to cloud mining is it is a hands off approach and you do not have to deal with the noise, heat, and upkeep of the mining hardware. 

Cloud Mining Providers

  1. Genesis MiningGenesis Mining is one of the biggest and best cloud mining providers.  GM provides many different cloud mining contracts including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, and Monero.  Use code "Pbf6Jy" for 3% off of all Genesis Mining orders
  2. HashflareHashflare is another large, long running cloud mining provider that offers smaller cloud mining contracts than Genesis Mining.  Hashflare provides many different cloud mining contracts including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, and Monero.  Use code "478CC13F" for 10% off of all Hashflare cloud mining contracts.

Crypto Mining Hardware

GPU's and ASIC's are the best crypto mining hardware to buy.  If you want to mine Bitcoin or Litecoin you will need an ASIC miner that is based on the algorithm of the coin you want to mine.  Ethereum and Zcash can be mined with a GPU.

GPU's For Crypto Mining

RX 480 & 580

ETH: 25-29 MH/s

ZEC: 300 H/s

Shop RX 480 & 580

RX Vega 64 & 56

ETH:  34 - 44 MH/s (56: 32-34 MH/s)

ZEC:  H/s

RX Vega 64 & 56

GTX 1060

ETH:  MH/s

ZEC: 309 H/s

Shop GTX 1060

GTX 1070

ETH:  MH/s

ZEC: 440-490 H/s

Shop GTX 1070

GTX 1080 & 1080ti

ETH:  MH/s

ZEC: 520 H/s (ti 760 H/s)

Shop GTX 1080 & 1080ti

ASIC Mining Hardware

ASIC miners are special hardware designed specifically to mine on a specific algorithm.  ASIC's are required to turn a profit when mining certain coins.  These coins include Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, and other coins.  ASIC mining hardware usually consume larger amounts of electricity to achieve their high hashrates.  

Litecoin USB ASIC Miner

Futurebit Moonlander 2

The Futurebit Moonlander 2 is a USB ASIC miner for Scrypt coins that is capable of hashing at 6 MH/s at only 7.5 watts and goes for $60.


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